Seven Steps To Successful Selling

Did you know… Not having time for prospecting is called “AVOIDANCE”. Your value as a sales professional is related to what you ask, not what you tell. The person asking the questions is the one in control. Talk 30%, listen 70%. Follow this 7-step selling process and you’ll win every time!

Create bonding and rapport right away. Build rapport with the prospect before trying to sell. Make a connection in the first 10 to 15 minutes or it’s over.
Cover all aspects of the initial contact. Restate the reason for meeting (phone call), the expected outcome and verify the amount of time you have for the meeting or conversation.
If the prospect doesn’t have a problem to solve, move on. If the prospect isn’t experiencing any problems, move on. For example if they are outgrowing their current space, or their lease is expiring – they have a problem. If all is well for them, stop here.
Does the prospect have the necessary budget? Be sure to determine if they have the funds allocated for this real estate transaction. If not, move on.
Who are the decision-makers? Find out who is involved in making the decision, the time frame and criteria being used. Is the prospect interviewing other brokers, etc.?
Closing the sale. Make the presentation, ask for the business, get the sale and get out. Don’t oversell.
Post-sale check-in. Be sure there is no buyer’s remorse. Ask if there is anything that will change their mind.